DOT Services Include

  • Pick-up and Collection of Cylinders
  • Evacuate cylinders
  • Shot blast/ Inspect
  • Replacement of footring and collar
  • Repair or replace float gauge
  • Repair or replace diptubes
  • Air test cylinder
  • Hydro test
  • 6-stage washer, including a final rust preventative
  • Dry cylinder
  • Powdercoat with industry’s highest quality products
  • Engraved Recertification number on cylinder tag
  • Installation of new valves
  • Vacuum purge
  • Charge cylinder with 10 PSI propane vapor
  • Gas leak check
  • Loaded on custom trailers
  • Delivery of cylinder to customer

Revive your old style cylinders

  • Turn older, non-gauge cylinders into productive assets

Clean tank surface equal longer paint life

  • 6-stage rinse, including a final rust preventative
  • The requalification industry’s only powder coat system, providing a harder, more durable, higher gloss coating

Flexibility that fits YOU

  • FAST turn-around and delivery times with a Dedicated fleet of purpose-built trailers
  • Float programs available to meet your needs

Safety for your customers & employees

  • Reduced liability and safety concerns
  • Lower costs associated with pump-down and replacement of suspect cylinders
  • 4-star leak detection method
  • Methanol injection upon customer request
  • Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
  • Air Pressure Air Pressure
  • Visual Visual
  • Electronic Electronic